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Get one-on-one support
during your job search
process and, once prepared,
we connect you to local businesses looking for talent.

Candidate eligiblity

Who is eligible?

Our goal is to help jobseekers in Aotearoa and support all communities in to fulfilling work.

To be eligible for this programme, you must currently live in Aotearoa New Zealand, and be legally allowed to work.

See our terms and conditions for candidates.



If you have any questions about your
eligibility, please contact us.
phone: 04 470 9930

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The process



Register to set up your personal profile.


One-on-one induction

Once your profile is ready to publish, we have a one-on-one meeting to learn more about your skills, experience and ideal job.


Employer network promotion and employment

Promote your profile to our network of employers and search for jobs that match your skills and experience. Gain employment in a suitable role.
We will keep in touch to see how you’re settling in.



Access resources to help you boost your profile. Templates and guides for CVs, cover letters and interviews. We will review your profile and CV to
ensure it is fit for the New Zealand job market.



Depending on where you are in your career, we offer workshops and events to support you through the job application process, from tailoring
your CV and cover letter, to practice interviews and networking.

Candidate FAQ
  • What is Job Search Connect?
    Job Search Connect is a programme that supports job seekers to find work in Aotearoa New Zealand. We support you to build your profile up and then showcase it to a network of employers.
  • How much does Job Search Connect cost?
    Job Search Connect is free for all eligible jobseekers.
  • What are the eligibility criteria?
    To be eligible for this programme you must be currently in New Zealand looking for work with a valid work visa.
  • What do the different “skill” levels mean?
    We are asking for your experience level for each skill. Academic means you’ve studied it. Volunteer means you’ve done it as a volunteer project. Paid means you’ve been paid to do it.
  • Can JSC help me with my CV?
    Yes! We have resources to help you write your CV, and can give you personalised feedback and have workshops to help you perfect your job applications.
  • What do I write in the “Short Blurb” and “About Me” sections?
    Your “Short Blurb” should include the specific role(s) you’re looking for. This is the text that goes right next to your profile picture when an employer sees it in a search result. The “About Me” section is like a generic cover letter (remember multiple different employers can see it!). Once enrolled in the programme, we can send you our recourses on creating a cover letter, but be sure to keep this version general for all employers. Bonus tips: getting the profile photo right is the key to making a good first impression! The photo should be a professional headshot, that’s recognisably you.
  • Who can see my profile?
    Employers who have registered and posted roles on the JSC website can see your completed profile. When you have opted into region(s), and completed your profile, you can see them, too!
  • Can I edit my profile after it’s published?
    Yes! We highly encourage you to edit and refine your profile as you are looking for jobs. When you see jobs listed that seem like a good fit, you can refine your cover letter and CV so that you are putting your best foot forward.
  • How do I withdraw from JSC?
    If your plans change, or if you get a job outside of the JSC programme, then you MUST opt out of all programmes. You can do this on your profile settings. We archive your profile, so that you can log in and refresh it if you are job seeking again. If you want us to remove all record of your profile from JSC, contact us.
  • What kind of roles do you have available?
    Employers from all industries can post job vacancies on this platform. We can’t guarantee that there will be a job in your area of expertise, but register to have a look!
  • How do I apply for jobs?
    Once your profile is approved, you can “apply” for up to 10 roles from the job listing. This lets the employer know you’re interested in that role. You can change your application selections any time. JSC is not a formal application process, you may not get a response for every role you apply for. We do ask employers to give you feedback if you have an interview but are not offered the role, but it is up to them whether they have time for this. You cannot contact employers directly about roles. They have access to your contact information, and they will contact YOU if they want to invite you to the next step.
  • Why can’t I apply for more than 10 roles?
    We want you to focus, research and prepare to meet employers properly! We know you can’t do that for more than 10 roles at once! You can change your applications anytime, and you can save other awesome roles to your “LIKE” category.
  • Why have I been shortlisted for a role I haven’t expressed interest in?
    JSC’s “marketplace” system means employers can find your profile, check out your skills, shortlist and offer you any role. We STRONGLY encourage you to take every opportunity to learn more about a company and a role. You never know, it might be surprisingly awesome. It is a very good idea to take every interview opportunity, you can’t beat this experience! If, after your interview, you’re definitely not interested in the role, you should tell the company, in a polite & professional way. But remember, you won’t get a second chance, so make sure your sure!
  • Can I communicate with employers?
    There are opportunities throughout the year to meet employers at our networking events.
  • What if I get a job outside Job Search Connect?
    If you’re no longer available for work, please opt out of all programmes on your dashboard. We’ll save your profile information in case you’d like to return to the programme.
  • I’ve got more questions...
    The best way to contact us is via Direct Message on the website. Log in and click on the ? button at the bottom right of the screen. We’ll respond as soon as we can.
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