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Helping Jobseekers in the central region.

Since 2016 we have helped over 700 job seekers find employment. With constant feedback and research, we have refined the Job Search Connect programme to provide a service that is best for candidates and employers. We've partnered with industry-leading experts to deliver wrap-around support for both job seekers and employers.

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Job Search Connect strives to improve employment outcomes for all people in Aotearoa, while encouraging businesses to follow best employment practices.  


The Job Search Connect Programme is aimed to help job seekers, that are currently in Aotearoa, find suitable and sustainable employment relevant to their area of expertise and interest. The programme supports each candidate through their job-search journey, by providing them with personalised resources, advice, and referrals. Employers can gain access to these candidates, along with resources to support them towards being a better employer.

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How we do it


Job Seach Connect is a programme run by Business Central.


Funding for the programme is provided by the Ministry for Ethnic Communities. 

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