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Terms & Conditions

As a Job Search Connect employer, I agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. I understand I will have access to the full functionality of the JSC website, including viewing of candidate profiles and participation in the JSC recruitment process when I have completed the registration process, my organisation has paid the Registration fee, and has posted a job on the website.
    Note that “JSC Employer” includes all individuals registering to hire candidates on behalf of organisations, as part of Job Search Connect Programmes. 


  2. I will search and connect with JSC candidates for the purpose of recruiting them for paid jobs. 

  3. I will list roles on the JSC web platform so that candidates have context and expectations before we connect.

  4. I will receive applications via the JSC web platform. If I include a link to another application process, I will ensure that all candidates are recorded as “referred by Job Search Connect” so that we acknowledge JSC as the source of the referral.

  5. I will communicate clearly with applicants and shortlisted candidates, so they know their status and timelines in our recruitment process.

  6. All acceptances of employment will be made via the JSC web platform. Any offers made outside of the JSC platform must be confirmed with JSC within 24 hours of acceptance.

  7. I agree to follow the Code of Conduct for all JSC events.

  8. For each candidate hired, my organisation will provide a dedicated mentor, a go-to person for issues and questions that arise during the internship.

  9.  My organisation will pay the JSC Placement fee for all candidates we hire after connecting or meeting through Job Search Connect AND/OR receiving an application through the JSC web platform.

  10. As a JSC Employer, our organisation will comply with NZ employment legislation, and manage our employees in line with NZRise’s guidance on internships.

  11. There will be an employment agreement in place for all JSC candidates hired, and they will be paid an hourly wage of at least NZ Living Wage.

  12. I understand the JSC online Offer process is deemed to be a binding employment offer, and it will be followed up with a formal contract within 1 week of acceptance.

  13. I acknowledge that Job Search Connect may video or photograph participants at events, and that my attendance may be documented and shared via online media channels (including the JSC website, LinkedIn and Facebook pages). As such, I hereby agree to relinquish any reasonable expectation of privacy and understand that the use of my image does not violate any right of privacy, law, regulation or agreement. Moreover, you hereby grant permission to Job Search Connect to use, or authorise others to use, any photograph, motion picture, image, recording, or any other record of your participation in activities during the Job Search Connect programme.

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