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Where Wellington goes for good jobs and great people

We believe the foundation to any good business is a well-functioning team. Connecting the right person to the right business can be the difference between missed connections and thriving relationships.


More than jobs, Job Search Connect empowers job seekers & helps businesses approach the job market with confidence.


What We Do

Jobseeker Support

Build your profile on Job Search Connect, a free platform matching your skills & values with Wellington's top employers. Get expert coaching, find exclusive listings, and launch your career.

Employer Support
Personable Recruitment

Job Search Connect connects you with Wellington's top talent. Access a pool of qualified candidates, post jobs, and find the best match for your company culture. All for free!

Our platform connects businesses with Wellington's talent pool based on shared values, fostering meaningful connections that build strong teams and fuel a thriving economy.

Why Us

How We Work

  1. Create a Profile
    Signing up is simple and straightforward.

  2. Complete Your Profile
    We want to know some key details about your organisation, to ensure we can best support your recruitment journey and make the best reccomendations for your available roles. 

  3. Get Approved
    Once you have completed your profile, our team will review what you've got. We want to make sure you're putting your best foot forward, so we may come back asking for clarification or advice on where to edit your profile. 


  4. Get Going!
    Once your profile is live, you're ready to get started. The team at Job Search Connect may get in touch if an opportunity off the site comes available that you are suitable for, alternatively, you can sign up to attend workshops, or get in touch with the team if you're going for an application elsewhere and want support tailoring your CV and Cover Letter, need interview prep support, or general jobseeking advice!

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